Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Guinness and Baileys Cupcakes

What better dessert to make for the Superbowl than cupcakes with beer in them? I yanked these from Smitten Kitchen and I am so glad that I did. The recipe was not hard- a little time consuming, but not difficult at all. I wasn't thrilled with how the Baileys icing came out of the large star tip, but I only have that one and a teensy tiny one, so giant star tip it was.

We ran out of ganache- I probably carved out too much of the middle- but it was easy enough to make a second batch of it. I never knew that ganache was just heavy cream, chocolate, and butter!

Anyway- make these, stat. I am going to try the batter as a cake next time- two thin layers with a thin layer of ganache in between and a fancy star patter of frosting on top. YUM!

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Lilypad Mom said...

These look so good! They also sound much better than the cupcakes I make, but since L will want to eat some I don't think i get to make these.